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Framed Certificated Authentic Kaaba Black Cloth , Gift For Muslim Mum and Dad, Masjid Mosque Precious Decor Gift

Framed Certificated Authentic Kaaba Black Cloth , Gift For Muslim Mum and Dad, Masjid Mosque Precious Decor Gift

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With gratitude to the Almighty, IslamicOttomanRelics is honored to present an authentic cross-section of the black Holy Ka’aba kiswah (كسوة الكعبة) that comes from a larger panel that covered the House of God and was then removed on the 9th of Dhu al-Hijjah, 1437.

The Holy Ka’aba, located in the birthplace of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, is a large cube-shaped building that measures approximately 50 feet in height, 40 feet in length, and 33 feet in width. It is the holiest site in Islam that determines the direction of our five daily prayers. Furthermore, every Muslim, with the capacity to do so, is required to visit the holy sanctuary at least once in thier lifetime.

Its role as the pilgrimage center of the Muslim world is bound up with the fact that it demonstrates Islam’s link with the Abrahamic tradition and thereby with the origin of all the monotheist religions. According to the Koran, the Ka’aba was built by Sayidna Ibraham and his son Sayidna Ismail, and it was Sayidna Ibrahim who established the yearly pilgrimage to this sanctuary. The building has traditionally been covered with a kiswah which is changed yearly. The black cloth embroidered with gold lettering signifies, in striking fashion, both the abstract and mysterious aspect of the Sacred House. As the Arabs originally understood it, the custom of “clothing” the sanctuary, is to treat it as a living body or as an ark bearing a spiritual influence.

As a reminder to always remain in remembrance of Allah ﷻ and his Last Messenger ﷺ, IslamicOttomanRelics is offering a beautifully framed fragment of the Ka’aba kiswah placed in a golden frame. We pray that the kiswah will support its caretaker to always move towards the inward qibla which is the believing Heart.
Description of the large framed kiswah from the Holy Ka’aba in Mecca With your purchase you will receive the following:

۩ An authentic fragment of the Holy Ka'aba kiswah. The kiswah, made by The Kiswah Factory, was placed on the Holy Ka'aba in Mecca. The kiswah comes EXCATLY AS YOU SEE IT IN THE LISTING PICTURES .

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